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Things I Googled When I Was A New Parent

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Like I wrote in a post last year, part of my maternity leave was spent on Google (Is it normal if my baby ---?). I'd like to say the Googling stopped after my maternity leave but it didn't. I would still spend the night Googling away the minute the twins fell asleep. Haha. Did you do this too, mamas? What stuff did you Google as a new parent? Here are some of the stuff I can remember:

Doctor Tells Mom To Rest...

doctor tells mom to rest

I was out of commission towards the end of 2018. I got a sore throat the day after Christmas which I thought would go away if I rested a bit and gargled with warm salt water but by the middle of the day things quickly escalated to a flu-like illness. I had joint pain, a terrible headache and even lost my voice. I was down the whole afternoon and only woke up for dinner.

The following day, I went to the doctor and she told me I had a viral infection that would resolve itself within a week or so but I had to rest.

The Twins Have Ice Cream And Cake For The First Time!

toddler first cake and ice cream

A few weeks ago, Audrey and Antonino celebrated two milestones: their second birthday and their first taste of ice cream and cake! What?! Your kids haven't had ice cream and cake before? Our choice not to feed the twins sweets during their first two years raised a few eyebrows but before you react, let me tell you why we did it.

10 New Year's Resolutions I Wish My Two-Year-Old Twin Toddlers Will Make

new year's resolution toddlers kids
  1. Master potty training
  2. Beat our plain pasta food addiction.
  3. Let mommy and daddy use the bathroom in peace.
  4. Work on our indoor voices.
  5. Stop scribbling on furniture.
  6. Sleep / nap more and shorten our bedtime routine. Two bedtime stories and saying good night to the 4 Mickey and Minnie stuffed toys on the bed will do.
  7. Learn to share.
  8. Keep our toys organized.
  9. Stop swallowing the toothpaste. 
  10. Let mommy and daddy tie my hair (Audrey) and wipe my face (Antonino) especially when we're outside so they won't be judged as parents.

Think these will hold through to the end of the year? What resolutions do you think should your kids make?

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Wanted: A Toddler-Proof Christmas Tree

toddler proof christmas tree

Audrey and Antonino just love Christmas trees. At home, they demand that we "Turn on tree!" (meaning the lights) even in the morning. Once the lights are turned on, they stare at it for a few seconds then try to grab the branches and ornaments. Yikes! My mom (aka LaMom) suggested that we put up a toddler-proof tree in the twins' playroom so I searched the internet for options. I found a lot of cute ideas but most of them required plenty of DIY tasks that I didn't have enough time for. So imagine my joy when after a few days, LaMom surprised Audrey and Antonino with a kiddie-sized Christmas tree! Actually, it wasn't just any tree. It was the Christmas tree she bought for me when I was 4 years old! She even let me decorate it on my own. I remember putting cotton on the branches because I wanted a winter wonderland-themed tree. How cool is it that now Audrey and Antonino can decorate my kiddie tree?

Happy 2nd Birthday, Audrey and Antonino!

twins second birthday
My dear Audrey and Antonino,

Happy 2nd birthday! I can't believe you are two years old. You both came out as tiny 34-weekers who needed to stay in the NICU to grow. Not an ideal start but you quickly showed everyone how strong and determined you were to get out of the NICU right away.

It has been amazing watching both of you grow. When you were just months old, we waited every month for you to hit all those significant first year milestones like crawling, rolling over, babbling, and sitting. Then after your first birthday everything went by at lightning speed. You actually look more like kids now than babies and somehow you know it. You always say "Big geeeel Adee!" (Big girl Audrey) and "Big boy Nino!"

Do's and Don'ts For a Successful C-Section Recovery

c-section recovery tips

Don't lift anything heavier than your baby, keep your incision clean and dry, avoid exercise until you get your OB's go ahead, call your OB if there's swelling in your incision or if you have a fever (even if your incision looks fine). These were the standard reminders given to me almost two years ago when I gave birth to Audrey and Antonino via C-section. But what about laughing post-operation? Even weeks after giving birth, laughing would hurt so bad that I would usually end up crying both tears of joy and genuine tears of pain! So for you fellow C-section mamas out there, here are some post-operation do's and don'ts you won't normally hear.