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The Stages of a Mickey Mouse Addiction

mickey mouse birthday obsessed toddler 1

If your kids are like mine, they go crazy over anything and everything Mickey Mouse. And so, based on my experience as a mom of twin toddlers who are mad about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I want to share with you the stages of a Mickey Mouse Addiction:

Scenes From A Family Photo Shoot

family photo shoot twins

When Audrey and Antonino turned one year old, we had our first family photo shoot. Since they're about to turn 2, I figured it was time to have another shoot to document how much they've grown since then. Plus maybe have a few family photos where everyone is composed, smiling and looking at the camera. I know, I may be asking too much from my twin toddlers but it was still worth trying.

6 Signs You Are A Preemie Parent

preemie parents prematurity awareness month

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. According to an article from the World Health Organisation, the Philippines is one of the top 10 countries with the greatest number of premature births. From birth experience to homecoming, everything is different for preemie parents. I remember feeling joy and intense love upon first seeing my babies but there were also feelings of worry, guilt, powerlessness, and even anger. Audrey and Antonino are now almost 2 years old. They've grown a lot and are super active, but I will never forget the things Joey and I went through as preemie parents especially during their first year.  Here are some signs you are a preemie parent:

Yummy Yucky, by Leslie Patricelli

yummy yucky board book leslie patricelli

Do you have a toddler who always tries to put everything in his/her mouth? I have two! Being a bit of a germophobe, this is one habit that I really want Audrey and Antonino to break. Their pediatrician told Joey and me that it's completely normal for little ones to explore the things around them with their mouths and what we can do is explain firmly which stuff go in the mouth and not by saying something like "We don't put toys in our mouth." So when I saw the book "Yummy Yucky," by Leslie Patricelli, I knew at once that it would be the perfect companion for teaching the twins what's safe for them to eat.

12 Reasons Toddlers Cry

funny reasons toddlers cry

Audrey and Antonino are not even 2 years old yet but I feel like they've discovered so many new skills. They're now more confident on their feet and walk at full speed. They've already started stringing words together to form short sentences like "Put it here, mommy" and "Take a bath." We do our best to encourage them to use their words to describe their feelings. But then again they're still very young so there are times when they get frustrated because they can't have everything their way or they simply can't tell us what they want. The result? A temper tantrum. As with most parenting conundrums, Joey and I try to keep our sense of humor or else we might end up crying too! So today I'm sharing with you a dozen silly reasons why our twin toddlers cry:

5 Random Things My Twin Toddlers Love

It's funny how toddlers are attracted to the most random household items. I mean, yes, the twins love their board books, puzzles and cooking sets, but there are also times when they would rather play with stuff that's just lying around the house like these:

Toy basket
The first thing the twins do when they get a basket of toys from the shelf is dump everything and then just play with the basket!
toy basket

Moms Are Secretly Snow White

Snow White? As in a princess? Why yes... sometimes. It's not always about balls and parades for Snow White. Even princesses get stuck with mundane chores too. Don't believe me? Have a look below.