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Our Super 8 Twin Essentials

Our twins, Antonino and Audrey turned 5 months last week! It was also my first Mother's Day. So in honor of these milestones, I would like to share 8 items which helped us survive our first few months of twin parenting.

My Wish List For All Mothers This Mother's Day

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Last year, I had no idea I was already pregnant when I celebrated Mother's Day with my family. Now, I'm a mom of twins celebrating my first Mother's Day! It's exciting to be on the receiving end of this holiday for the first time. But, in the spirit of giving, I also came up with a list of 7 things I wish for every mom this Mother's Day. Here it is:

Dressing Babies For Summer

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One thing I was looking forward to when I found out I was pregnant with twins was dressing them up in cute matching onesies. But when Audrey and Antonino came out, I realized that when dressing babies, cute and stylish take a backseat to practical and efficient.

Your Easy-Breezy Pregnancy According To Stock Photos

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During pregnancy, moms-to-be experience so many changes. Hormones fluctuate wildly which can make you feel like you're going nuts! But that's just us mortals on earth because being pregnant in the world of stock photos is so easy and problem-free. When you're pregnant in stock photos...

First Date Night Post Baby

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During my pregnancy, Joey and I didn't get to go out on dates and make the most of our alone time before the twins arrived because I was always dizzy and had to go on bed rest for a long time. When I gave birth, going on a date became even more difficult because we had to feed the twins every 2-3 hours and I was also pumping to increase my milk supply. We also didn't have a nanny so our hands were pretty full. We were able to go out and do errands thanks to my mom and in-laws who would offer to babysit the twins. When we finally had nannies, we tried having a movie date night at home. That didn't turn out well because even though the nannies were minding the twins, we would still hear them cry. So we would end up pausing the movie to tend to the babies ourselves. When we got interrupted for the third time, we decided to just finish the movie another day. But we were really determined to go out and have a date like adults. 

They Grow So Fast

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When we were able to bring Audrey and Antonino home, they only weighed 4.9 and 5 pounds respectively. They were born 3 weeks early so they had to stay in the hospital until they reached term. My mom bought them cute going home outfits which they didn't get to wear because they were too big for preemies. They were also gifted plenty of cute clothes by family and friends. While most of them were sized newborn or 0-3 months, the twins still looked like they were in togas when they wore them. I was so scared that my tiny babies won't be able to grow.

Top 5 Things Sleep Deprivation Has Made Me Do

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Sleep when the baby sleeps, they say. Well, I don't know about that because that's the only time I have to shower and do other chores. So yes, the twins' first four months have made me really tired but on the other hand, I ended up doing some pretty funny things like: