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How I Spent My Maternity Leave

Before I gave birth to the twins, I had this crazy idea that maternity leave = rest. But a week before going back to work, I was already thinking "What? That was it? My maternity leave is over? I feel like I haven't even fully recovered yet!" Instead of resting and recovering, my maternity leave felt like a temporary job assignment with two super demanding bosses and never-ending shifts. The truth is there's no rest when you're on maternity leave. To illustrate where those 78 days went (I gave birth via C-section), here's a breakdown of how I spent my maternity leave:

Mommy Motto

I have always admired Amy Poehler as a comedian and a writer. My favorite character of hers is Mrs. George from Mean Girls. Remember this:

amy poehler mean girls cool mom

It never gets old! But I recently came across a statement of hers (Amy's not Mrs. George's!) about motherhood which I think should be a mantra for all mothers:

A Fascinating Look Into A Pregnant Woman's Brain

Thanks to a scientific study*, we can finally get an inside look at a pregnant woman's brain.

Brain Map Of A Pregnant Woman

*Based on one woman's experience

A Parent's Thoughts (Putting Baby To Sleep)

It starts with so much hope and ends up in desperation.

A Parent's Inner Thoughts (Putting Baby To Sleep)

What The Stock: A Day In The Life Of A Working Mom

what the stock working mom

When my maternity leave was over, I was excited to go back to work and rejoin adult conversation. But in spite of my excitement, the first few days back were still tough. It was hard not seeing my twins' faces every hour of the day. I also worried I would miss milestones. But if you think going back to work is like this for all moms, think again. Take a look at a day in the life of a working mom in stock photos to see how smooth sailing the transition back to work post baby is.

Baby Cheeses

twin babies drinking milk

When Audrey and Antonino were around 3 months old, I noticed an unusually funky scent while dressing them. So I sniffed around as most moms are wont to do and discovered that the rotten smell was coming from their necks! Now, I've heard stories about baby poo smelling so bad you'd need a face mask just to get through the nappy change, but for me, this was worse! It was like stinky cheese! So I tipped their heads back and there it was - stinky white stuff in their neck folds. It was a combination of milk and drool that slid from Audrey and Antonino's chins to the folds of their necks and stayed there to age until they developed an intense cheesy smell. Joey and I both agreed it smelled like blue cheese.

The Best Post-Pregnancy Fitness Routine

I gave birth to my twins via C-Section after 4 months of at-home bed rest and 5 days of in-hospital complete bed rest without bathroom privileges. The day after I gave birth, I was encouraged to move around to speed up my recovery. I honestly thought I had forgotten how to walk. After all, it was my first time to plant my feet on the ground after 6 long days! But I had to get up to see my twins who were in the hospital's Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU). So Joey pushed me on a wheelchair from our room to the IMCU but once we got inside, I had to walk. I didn't mind the pain because I wanted to see my babies. But once we got home, I felt really sore.