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Do's and Don'ts For a Successful C-Section Recovery

c-section recovery tips

Don't lift anything heavier than your baby, keep your incision clean and dry, avoid exercise until you get your OB's go ahead, call your OB if there's swelling in your incision or if you have a fever (even if your incision looks fine). These were the standard reminders given to me almost two years ago when I gave birth to Audrey and Antonino via C-section. But what about laughing post-operation? Even weeks after giving birth, laughing would hurt so bad that I would usually end up crying both tears of joy and genuine tears of pain! So for you fellow C-section mamas out there, here are some post-operation do's and don'ts you won't normally hear.

How To Help Your Wiggly Toddler Sit Still During Dinner Parties

help toddler sit still through dinner

It's holiday season once again. It's that time of the year when we shop for gifts, organize/attend plenty of get togethers, and for parents of toddlers, worry about keeping our kids seated during Noche Buena and all those dinner parties.

Audrey and Antonino will be two years old this Christmas and I sometimes feel like telling them to sit still and behave for an extended meal like Noche Buena is a lot to ask. After all, they're both typical toddlers with short attention spans and plenty of energy. We're lucky that we have family and friends who are more than happy to play with the twins whenever they get restless during gatherings so that Joey and I can finish our meals. But of course, we still have to come prepared with some form of entertainment which is why we're always ready with our bag of tricks. And no, it's not just an expression. We really have a huge bag filled with all sorts of toys and supplies that can keep the twins occupied during parties. So today I'm going to share with you what we usually bring with us along with some things we keep in mind when packing our bag of tricks.

Stocking Stuffers for 2-Year-Olds

stocking stuffer toddler 2 years old

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin Patricia (aka Ninang Pat) surprised Antonino and Audrey with their very own Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Christmas stockings. The moment they saw them, they squealed with delight and began shouting "Mick-eeeeeey!" and "Min-nieeeee!" while hugging their stockings. Ninang Pat then explained that mommy and daddy will fill their stockings with small gifts for Christmas. Although I'm pretty sure I can get away with putting crinkle paper in those stockings and they will still feel like they won the lottery because they're Mickey and Minnie stockings!

The Stages of a Mickey Mouse Addiction

mickey mouse birthday obsessed toddler 1

If your kids are like mine, they go crazy over anything and everything Mickey Mouse. And so, based on my experience as a mom of twin toddlers who are mad about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I want to share with you the stages of a Mickey Mouse Addiction:

Scenes From A Family Photo Shoot

family photo shoot twins

When Audrey and Antonino turned one year old, we had our first family photo shoot. Since they're about to turn 2, I figured it was time to have another shoot to document how much they've grown since then. Plus maybe have a few family photos where everyone is composed, smiling and looking at the camera. I know, I may be asking too much from my twin toddlers but it was still worth trying.

6 Signs You Are A Preemie Parent

preemie parents prematurity awareness month

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. According to an article from the World Health Organisation, the Philippines is one of the top 10 countries with the greatest number of premature births. From birth experience to homecoming, everything is different for preemie parents. I remember feeling joy and intense love upon first seeing my babies but there were also feelings of worry, guilt, powerlessness, and even anger. Audrey and Antonino are now almost 2 years old. They've grown a lot and are super active, but I will never forget the things Joey and I went through as preemie parents especially during their first year.  Here are some signs you are a preemie parent:

Yummy Yucky, by Leslie Patricelli

yummy yucky board book leslie patricelli

Do you have a toddler who always tries to put everything in his/her mouth? I have two! Being a bit of a germophobe, this is one habit that I really want Audrey and Antonino to break. Their pediatrician told Joey and me that it's completely normal for little ones to explore the things around them with their mouths and what we can do is explain firmly which stuff go in the mouth and not by saying something like "We don't put toys in our mouth." So when I saw the book "Yummy Yucky," by Leslie Patricelli, I knew at once that it would be the perfect companion for teaching the twins what's safe for them to eat.