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How To Be A Dad (According to Stock Photos)

Happy Father's Day! Here are some tips guaranteed to make you father of the year... or not.

Try this new burping technique.
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Call dibs on his/her crib.
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Cry when the baby cries.
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Give this unusual bathing technique a shot.
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Use your child as a barrier between you and a large animal.
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Of course, I wouldn't let Father's Day go by without greeting the best dad in the world!

fathers day 2018

Happy Father's Day to the greatest father, husband and protector: Joey! First of all, thank you for not pulling any of the crazy stuff in the pictures above. Hehe. OK, I'm going to be serious now. Thank you for always being considerate of my mommy worries. I know they can sometimes be OA but I've never heard you say "Quit worrying" especially during Audrey and Antonino's first year when I was convinced that even the smallest sneeze was equal to a life-threatening illness. You always seem to know the right things to say and do to ease my worries. Thank you for making the twins laugh with all your tickling games. No one can make them laugh as loud as you do. And most of all, thank you for loving us unconditionally. I'm so lucky to be sharing life, love and twin parenting with you! We love you!

And Happy Father's Day to all dads, dads-to-be and father figures out there!

Because I'm Your Dad, By Ahmet Zappa

because i'm your dad book

Whenever the twins see Joey walk into the room, he might as well be a rockstar. Their faces light up, they scream daddy and they squeal in delight. And though I know it's not supposed to be a competition, I can wholeheartedly say that between Joey and me, he is the clear winner of the Fun Parent Award. Kind of like the dad in the children's book, "Because I'm Your Dad" which has become one of our regular reads.

Favorite On-The-Go Toddler Snacks

toddler snacks on the go

Joey and I have this joke that instead of Starter Mama, I should have named my blog Snack Mama. Yes, wherever we go, I always carry snacks in our diaper bag and backup snacks in my own purse. I just feel like they're a necessity. You never really know when a toddler's next meltdown will be. 

I remember the day we took the twins to the DFA to apply for their passports. While we were waiting for their turn at the photo capture station, they seemed fine while quietly flipping their board books. Then as the waiting area started to fill up, they became restless. I was worried that they would lose it right before or during their turn for photos.  Thankfully, I was able to pack familiar snacks for them which helped calm them down. Whew! 

Have you been in a similar situation lately? Well, there's nothing that a little packet of snacks can't solve. Today I'm sharing with you 3 snacks my twin toddlers love which have helped keep tantrums at bay. 

Note: Babies should sit up and be supervised at all times while eating.

5 Twin Parenting Hacks (Infant Stage)

twin parenting hacks

A year ago, I was taking care of my 4-month old twins wishing I could activate the Carry Four Flo boost. If, like me, you were hooked on Diner Dash many years ago, you will remember this as the boost that allows Flo (the game's main character) to carry up to four items at a time in order to serve more customers quickly. In a way, parenting twins is like Diner Dash. You have to complete numerous tasks and feed (then burp, bathe, and dress hehe) demanding customers. Luckily, I've learned a few things in my first year of twin parenting that can help fellow twin parents navigate life with twin infants without having to grow an extra pair of hands. (Wow, that's a lot of "twin" for one sentence!)

You're All My Favourites, by Sam McBratney

you're all my favourites sam mcbratney

It was a lovely surprise to see another book by "Guess How Much I Love You" author, Sam McBratney while I was bookshop browsing a couple of weeks ago. After reading the synopsis, I immediately went to the counter to ask if I could see the inside of the book. Good thing the lady who assisted me had to answer a call after she opened the book's plastic cover because I got teary eyed when I read it. I actually had to pause for a moment and compose myself before I could tell her I would be buying it.

"You're All My Favorites" is about three baby bears who start to wonder who among them their mommy and daddy bear like the best. In the story, each baby bear describes himself/herself according to birth order, color, gender, and size. These descriptions show how each baby bear is unique. However, in their young little bear minds, they tend to perceive their unique qualities as something that may prevent mommy and daddy bear from liking them best.

Happy Mother's Day!

mommy and me 1

It's my second mother's day but sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I'm a mother (of twins!). Even with 17 months of motherhood under my belt, I'm still a starter mama who's just learning and stumbling her way through motherhood. Wasn't it just yesterday when I was playing pretend with my peeing baby doll? Side note: They should have made a version that goes number 2 every hour to really prepare you for motherhood. Hehe.

So if I'm starter mama, there's seasoned mama. That's my mom, of course! My mom is an amazing mother and the most beautiful woman I know. This week's post is dedicated to her.

Baby Toys That Are A Hit For Ages 3 to 6 Months

baby toys 6 months ball rattle

Toy shopping for babies is a little tricky. When my twins were only a few weeks old, they were more interested in lying down, drinking milk, crying (too interested in this if you ask me), and staring at my and Joey's faces than playing with toys. But when they turned 3 months old, they started to become very curious about their surroundings. They began reaching for toys, mouthing them, and exploring different textures.

Here are the toys that kept my twin babies entertained from 3 to 6 months old, with some of them still on rotation even now that they're already over a year old.