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How To Save P100,000 in Baby's First Year

save one hundred thousand baby first year

Though babies are tiny, they come with big expenses. But don't worry, based on my first year of parenting, I've come up with some tricks to help you save up to P100,000 in baby's first year. You can thank me later!

Note: Potential savings in this post are based on the average price of each item and rounded up to the nearest peso.

10 Things New Parents Should Know

stuff new parents should know

Exactly a year ago, a sleep-deprived mom hit the publish button for the first time and posted an article about motherhood. Yup, the sleep-deprived mom is me. At that time, I didn't really know what I was doing. Motherhood is truly the best and most fulfilling job but it's also the craziest, most demanding role I have ever taken on. They say that sometimes you need laugh so you don't cry. I guess I took the saying to heart and tried to find humor in every sleepless night and poop explosion that came with being a new mom.

7 Tips for Eating Out With Toddlers

eat out with toddlers

The first time we took the twins out to a restaurant, they behaved impeccably simply because they were only 4 months old and slept through the entire meal. We took them out a couple more times after that but only for really quick meals in restaurants within our neighborhood. They were pretty manageable then. We just had to be really quick in whisking them outside of the restaurant until they calmed down. After which, they would fall asleep for the rest of the meal. But now that they're over a year old, dining out with them has definitely become more challenging. 

Inside Baby's Brain

Success! The baby is asleep. This means mom and dad can sleep too, right? Wrong! I bet as soon as your head hits the pillow, there's a big chance your baby will wake up and scream. Why? A new study suggests that babies have sneaky brain sensors that control their reactions whenever their parents are about to have some downtime. Don't believe me? Here's a diagram which makes it highly scientific and 100% legitimate!* Take a look at the incredible findings below to learn what goes on inside a baby's brain.

baby brain map

*You got me, there's no scientific study at all. But admit it, the diagram's pretty accurate, right?

My First Time Attending A Twin Parent Support Group Meeting

parenting emporium twin parent support group

As a mom of twins, I've gotten used to drawing lots of attention whenever we go out. At the doctor's clinic, at restaurants, and even in restrooms, people just come out of nowhere to ask "Are they twins?" But even though people notice us all the time (we're pretty hard to miss with the million stuff we're lugging around), there are times when I can't help but feel invisible because people find it difficult to relate to my experiences as a twin mom.

Vetro Crib: The First Non-Toxic Acrylic Crib In The Market

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to do plenty of baby gear research without leaving my bed before the twins arrived. I had a lot of fun checking out all the stuff on the market for babies with just a click of a button. One thing that caught my attention was the Nursery Works Vetro Crib.

vetro crib

Doesn't it look so modern, stylish and very different from the usual wooden cribs? According to the product description, its features are:

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale: What We Bought

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 1

Guess how much I love books and good bargains? Enough to forgo 3 hours of precious sleep, apparently. Just yesterday, Joey and I left the house at midnight to go to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which is touted as the world's biggest book sale, open 24 hours a day. The twins were already asleep then and my mom offered to watch them so we could avoid the huge crowds (Thanks, Ma! We love you!). Our primary purpose was to look for fun and educational board books for the twins. Was the midnight shopping trip worth it? Absolutely! We were able to get 13 books for only P1,860. Here's what we bought: