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It's In The Bag: The Best Storage Bags For Baby's Needs

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I first came across Mother-K a few days after giving birth to Audrey and Antonino. Since they were born at 34 weeks and 2 days, they had to stay in the NICU so they could grow some more before coming home with us. Breastfeeding them was a huge challenge because their sucking abilities were a bit weak. So I started pumping milk when we were at the hospital. The NICU gave me sterilized bottles to store my milk but I knew I needed to get breastmilk storage bags once I get discharged from the hospital so I could deliver my milk to my babies everyday.

3 Tips To Survive An In-Flight Diaper Change

in-flight diaper change

If you read my post last week, you would know that the twins recently went on their first out of town trip via air and land travel. You must be thinking "Aren't we done with this yet?" Well, I really hope you will bear with me on this topic because that first trip was a huge milestone for Joey and me. I mean, just going out to lunch with the twins takes us hours to get ready. Imagine preparing for a trip! It was like an experiment that could either be really successful or blow up in our faces.

The one-hour airplane ride alone got me really worried. I had this fear that Audrey and Antonino would cry inconsolably the whole flight and everyone would be annoyed at us. I also had a number of other thoughts like:

5 Things You Need for a Plane/Road Trip With Your Toddler

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Last weekend we went to Ilocos to celebrate my Lolo's (grandfather) 90th birthday. It was Audrey and Antonino's first out of town trip. My Lolo is based in Ilocos Norte but for this special occasion, he treated us to a vacation at a resort in Ilocos Sur. This meant that getting from Manila to the resort involved a one-hour plane ride and a three-hour road trip. For the longest time, Joey and I have been really intimidated by the thought of traveling with twin toddlers but of course, we couldn't miss my Lolo's milestone birthday.

Stock Photo Roundup: Things Pregnant Women Do

pregnant stock photo balance

I admit that when I was pregnant I did a lot of unusual stuff like:
Taking multiple pregnancy tests to be completely sure that I was still pregnant.
Crying... and then laughing hysterically the next minute.
Craving for some dish only to end up staring at it when it's in front of me.

Blame it on the hormones, right? But when it comes to the world of stock photos, things get a bit stranger for pregnant women. I don't even think the things they do can be blamed on raging hormones anymore. Stuff like:

Audrey and Antonino At 18 Months

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Audrey and Antonino turned 18 months old last month! I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that my two little babies who were born 3 weeks early are now one and a half years old! As cliche as it sounds, everything really went by so quickly!

Two words to describe both Audrey and Antonino are active and talkative. They love running around and climbing, and don't ever get tired! They're also talking more and more. They've already mastered mommy and daddy and no matter how many times Joey and I hear them say it, it still melts our hearts.

A few days after they celebrated their 18th month, they learned to say "NO" and actually knew what it meant. It's now their favorite word.

Toys That Are A Hit For Babies 6 to 12 Months Old

baby toys 6 to 12 months

As parents, we want to give our little ones the best toys that are appropriate for their age and will aid in their development. Between 6-12 months, I noticed that Audrey and Antonino began showing more interest in interacting with people, banging stuff, crawling and cruising. Here are the toys that kept them entertained during this age.

5 Things My Twin Toddlers Do That Cause Muscle Pain

toddlers muscle pain

If I learned anything from my 18 months of parenting, it's that manual labor is part of a parent's job description. Parenting is really hard on the body. Just take a look at this list of 5 things my twin toddlers do that cause muscle pain.

They always want to be carried.
While I know that the warmth of a parent's embrace has no substitute, I sometimes feel like I exist to carry my twins 24/7. I set them down on the play mat and they start to cry. I pick them back up and they're suddenly OK as if they weren't screaming bloody murder just a few seconds ago. And because they love resting their heavy heads against my shoulder and neck, I have to tilt my head to one side while carrying them, giving myself neck pain in the process.