5 Things My Twin Toddlers Do That Cause Muscle Pain

toddlers muscle pain

If I learned anything from my 18 months of parenting, it's that manual labor is part of a parent's job description. Parenting is really hard on the body. Just take a look at this list of 5 things my twin toddlers do that cause muscle pain.

They always want to be carried.
While I know that the warmth of a parent's embrace has no substitute, I sometimes feel like I exist to carry my twins 24/7. I set them down on the play mat and they start to cry. I pick them back up and they're suddenly OK as if they weren't screaming bloody murder just a few seconds ago. And because they love resting their heavy heads against my shoulder and neck, I have to tilt my head to one side while carrying them, giving myself neck pain in the process.

They make daddy and mommy their human mattresses.
Sometimes, the only way to get the twins to sleep is holding them while they lie on my or Joey's chest. This was fine when they were younger and only weighed 8 pounds each but now that they're over 20 pounds each, our backs are really starting to ache.

They take up the entire bed.
Once they fall asleep on our chests, Joey and I set them down on the bed and they just take up the entire space.  This leaves Joey and me with just a foot of bed space each on a king-sized bed! So we curl up in our little spaces and wake up with sore shoulders. I read somewhere that sleep is meant to relax our muscles in order to recover from the day's stresses. That definitely isn't the case here.

They keep on tossing their toys onto the floor.
Like I wrote in my one year update, the twins just love playing dropsy with their toys. So it's either I lunge over quickly to keep their toys from falling on the floor or I end up bending over to pick them up. Eitherway, it makes my back muscles hurt.
They make me into their personal jungle gym.
I love hanging with the twins on their play mat. But after giving me plenty of hugs and kisses, they discover I have all these built-in "levels" they can play on. They crawl under my knees, climb up my shoulder, hang from my arms, and bounce on my thighs. That's like 40 plus pounds of weight! It's a good workout, which I appreciate since I don't have time to exercise but it also comes with tight and painful muscles all over!

I'm sure I'm not the only parent in the universe to deal with stuff like this. So if you can relate, rubbing some Zenutrients Muscle Oil on your shoulders, neck and back may just soothe your sore muscle pain. As with all Zenutrients products I've tried, it smells so good. But what I really love about it is how its cooling effect instantly relieves my discomforts making me always ready for the physical toll of carrying the twins, continually bending over to pick up toys, and playing the next round of mommy jungle gym time.

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