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One year with our two wins! The past year was a blur of exhausting, scary, stressful, amazing, happy and magical moments. I know it's been a year but I always find myself thinking, where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday Joey and I were only looking at Audrey and Antonino through their incubators in the NICU and now we suddenly have two little humans who are growing and changing every single day.

On the statistical side, I'm really happy because the twins more than tripled their respective birth weights. Yay! But aside from that, I would like to share with you what they have been up to at one year old.

Audrey loves dancing. The moment we play any song, she pulls herself up and sways to the beat! We didn't even have to teach her anything. I guess her musicality comes naturally. Another thing she loves is eating. She does this little dance on her seat whenever we feed her. She also always finishes everything we put in front of her and sometimes even asks for more!

twins one year 2

Antonino loves music. He's gotten really great at playing with his toy drum, often trying to imitate the way Joey taps it. He also loves crawling through his play tunnel and cubes.  He just cut his first tooth which probably explains why he loves chewing on everything he can put inside his mouth!

twins one year 3

They both love standing up. They can even stand on their own for a few seconds. Audrey can cruise around their play area while holding onto the play fence while Antonino is already able to walk a few steps unsupported.

They both love reading time. They would immediately settle down whenever I start reading one of their favorite books aloud.

They're both raring to talk. They can already say stuff that sound like normal speech such as  dada, mama, daddy, and dede. They also try to imitate sounds and words whenever we talk to them. Oh and just last night, I asked Audrey what her name was about ten times and every time she would respond by saying Aaaa-de. I swear it really seemed like she was trying to say Audrey. 

One of their favorite playtime activities is tossing their toys out of their play area. I don't know how to make them stop! I get that this is part of their exploration stage but it's a pain having to pick up and clean those toys throughout the day.

They also fight over toys a lot. Even when they each have the same toy. Any tips here?

They can identify some animal sounds, animals and shapes.

They really enjoy bath time. They always squeal with delight in the tub and start crying when we take them out.

They love shiny lights! They could stare at chandeliers and Christmas lights forever.

They love looking in the mirror and pointing at themselves.

They love Incy Wincy Spider. But here's the thing - it has to be sung live and performed with actions, on repeat for about a hundred times. Anything less and they will just scream bloody murder.

Audrey and Antonino, I know I often joke about sleep deprivation and the not so glamorous side of parenting on this blog. But do know that just seeing your sweet baby smiles is totally worth the sleep your dad and I are not getting. Our hands are definitely full with you two but our hearts are even fuller. We love you!

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