Love is You and Me, by Monica Sheehan

love is you and me book

This Wednesday is Valentine's Day so I think it's only fitting for me to share with you one of my favourite children's books about love: Love is You and Me, by Monica Sheehan.

Love is You and Me is written in rhyme and explains what love means, what it looks like and what it feels like. The poetry is simple yet very meaningful. It shows the beauty of love which can be found both in grand gestures and simple things like "Sometimes love is just holding hands." I actually teared up the first few times I read it to the twins. 

At 18 pages, the book is a bit long for one-year-old kids but the twins love looking at the cute illustrations of the dog and mouse doing various activities, which were also made by the author herself.

See here, they're fighting over the book!

love is you and me book 2

Audrey won the first round.

love is you and me book 3

But Antonino was able to snatch the book  after a few seconds.

love is you and me book 4

I know it's too early and a bit challenging to explain the concept of love to young ones but hopefully in the years to come, the twins will learn to appreciate the everyday things we do for them as expressions of love. I always say that I want Audrey and Antonino to grow up feeling loved. Hopefully this book, along with Joey's and my actions will help them understand that no matter what happens, our love for them will always give them a safe place to turn to. And even sooner, I wish they will also realize that love can be as simple as sharing a book or toy with each other.

Well, maybe this is a good start.

love is you and me book 5

All in all, Love is You and Me is a great book to own as it shows that love truly is the most wonderful gift of all be it between a couple, a parent and child, siblings, or friends. It also makes a great gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and even bridal and baby showers.

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