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fisher price musical lion walker

I'm kind of picky when it comes to the twins' toys. I make it a point to buy toys that are age-appropriate, skill-building, well-made, and safe. OK, I'm very picky. My latest toy purchase for them is a push walker.

As I shared in the twins' one year old update, they're both very close to walking. As a first time mom, I'm very excited for them to reach this milestone so I researched for ways to help them learn how to walk. I also asked a friend whose daughter is only a few months older than the twins how her daughter learned to walk. I was impressed at how sure she was on her feet, walking independently. Her answer? A push walker! 

I came across Fisher Price's Musical Lion Walker at Toys R Us.

Is it age-appropriate? Yes, it's made for babies aged 6 to 36 months.

Is it skill-building? Yup, toddling behind a push walker helps build baby's strength and balance which are needed for walking.

Is it well-made? Yes the display unit at the store looked durable. Plus I also know for a fact that Fisher Price toys are sturdy and last for years because some of my Fisher Price toys which are hidden in our store room are still working!

Is it safe? Yes, the toy has four wheels which provide stability for beginners. Its battery compartment also has a screw to ensure safe play for curious babies.

Clearly, the toy met my standards. And it was even on sale at 40% off! Sold!

When we arrived home, I took the toy out of the box at once so that Joey could assemble it while the twins watched. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake. Audrey and Antonino became restless because of the wait. Note to self: wait until the twins are asleep the next time you buy them a toy which requires a bit of assembly.

Once they got their hands on it, they wouldn't stop playing with it! Antonino of course, pulled himself up using the toy's handle and started pushing right away. Audrey, on the other hand, loved the different play panels especially the peek-a-boo mirror.

fisher price musical lion walker 2

There are lots of ways to play with the toy for both walking and non-walking babies. You have the lion's ears which you can roll, the lion's nose which you can press for music, sounds and lights, a dial that you can spin, and piano keys that you can press to play notes.

fisher price musical lion walker 3

Pushing the toy makes it play different sounds which encouraged Audrey and Antonino to keep teetering behind it. I know what you're thinking - Is this one of those annoying toys that makes weird repetitive sounds that haunt you in your dreams? Don't worry, it's not. It only plays mellow sounds and nursery rhymes. In fact you can even choose to turn the sound off when the kids are done playing with it or select between its low and high volume settings.

With all its features, the toy isn't that heavy. I guess you can say that it's heavy enough so that it won't tip over but at the same time light enough to carry around.

The twins have been using their push walker everyday for about two weeks now and I already noticed they've become more stable on their feet. They've also gained more control over the toy and are toddling faster. I guess it's safe to say that my purchase is slowly paying off. A push walker is definitely a great toy for little ones.

But you want to know the best part? Since the toy keeps the twins active the whole day, they end up going to bed right away and sleeping for about 7 to 8 hours straight! Fisher Price should definitely put this feature on the toy box. It may just be the solution sleep deprived parents are looking for.

Note: Always remember to supervise toddlers  using mobile toys. Don't let them out of your sight especially near stairs.

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