Because I'm Your Dad, By Ahmet Zappa

because i'm your dad book

Whenever the twins see Joey walk into the room, he might as well be a rockstar. Their faces light up, they scream daddy and they squeal in delight. And though I know it's not supposed to be a competition, I can wholeheartedly say that between Joey and me, he is the clear winner of the Fun Parent Award. Kind of like the dad in the children's book, "Because I'm Your Dad" which has become one of our regular reads.

Being a dad means taking on many roles such as caregiver, protector and disciplinarian, to mention a few. But this doesn't mean you can no longer have fun. "Because I'm Your Dad" shows how dads can connect and create wonderful memories with their kids in both simple and grand ways, from ice cream in the bath tub to tickles to trips to various parts of the world.

The book is filled with colorful illustrations of the friendly-looking daddy and baby monsters who are the central characters of the story. The story is told in short sentences, making it great for toddlers with short attention spans.

Aside from the list of silly things dads can do with their kids, the book is also a touching tribute to the author's dad (Frank Zappa) because in its conclusion, he says that he will do all these things for his child because those were the things his own dad did for him. (Tip: You have to prepare tissues for this book. It made me and Joey tear up the first few times he read it.)

I'm sure that as the twins grow older and experience more of the activities in the story, they will realize how lucky they are to have a cool dad just like in the book.

All in all, "Because I'm Your Dad" is a great book for baby-daddy reading time. It's a great addition to a toddler's growing library.

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