Packing A Diaper Bag For Twin Toddlers

diaper bag twin toddlers

I always feel like I'm packing for a weekend trip whenever I get the twins' diaper bag ready. I was under the impression that they would need less stuff once they they get past the one year mark. I was wrong! Toddlers still need A LOT of stuff. What more when you have two?  Take a peek below and see what I always pack, along with some tips.

I always pack at least 3 diapers per child even though we will be out for only a couple of hours but most diaper checklists I've read say pack one diaper per child for every 2 hours you will be out.

Not only for the twins' bums but for everything else. We use them to wipe their hands, faces and even high chairs in restaurants.

Facial tissue
To make sure baby's diaper area is dry after cleaning.

For cleaning hands before making a bottle and after diaper changes when running water isn't accessible.

Diaper cream
Try a travel-sized tube if available.

Changing pad
Most diaper bags come with a matching changing pad which is great for use in a public restroom.

One for each baby. When the twins were newborns, we used them to swaddle. Now we use them as a shade, stroller cover or blanket. If you're nursing, there are big enough swaddles that can double as nursing covers too.

Extra clothes and socks
I always pack 2 extra outfits per baby because you never know when the next poop explosion will happen.

Wash cloths and bibs
I bring 2 wash cloths and 2 bibs for each baby for spit-up, drool and other small messes.

One towel for giant messes.

Small toys
One toy for each twin to keep them occupied and quiet (sort of). I always pack 2 of the same toy (sometimes just in different colors) to avoid fighting.

Small plastic bags
For storing dirty diapers (until I find a trash can) or transporting soiled clothes home.

Bottles and formula
I pack 2-3 bottles per baby depending on how long we will be out. I also pre-measure water into the bottles and pre-portion formula in dispensers.

Because you never want to be around a hangry baby in public.

Since my twins are still very young, it gives me peace of mind knowing that the utensils they put in their mouths were thoroughly cleaned at home.

So I will never have to guess if my babies are running a fever.

Gel relief pads
I hope we don't have to use them but they're really effective in reducing fevers.

I pack all of these in our trusty Skip Hop Fit All-Access diaper bag. It's super spacious and fits all of the twins' supplies. I love that its main compartment opens up to give me full access to everything I need. It's also easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth and you're good. It attaches to strollers too, which makes it easy to bring around. And despite its size, the bag is actually light when empty which is great considering the amount of stuff I put in it. The best part about it, though, is that it has 14 pockets which are perfect for organizing the twins' bottles, diapers, snack containers and other necessities.

skiphop fit all access

So there. I guess packing light really isn't for me. What do you pack in your diaper bag? I'd love to know.

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