Thank You, LaMom!

grandmother of twins

Audrey and Antonino are so lucky to have LaMom in their lives. We cannot thank her enough for everything she's done to make our lives better but of course, I'd like to try. So in honor of Grandparents' Day, I would like to list 5 reasons why LaMom is the best!

She is the master chef.
There is nothing like a homecooked meal made with love by LaMom. When the twins were starting to eat table food, LaMom would always adjust her special recipes and cook without salt to make sure that their food followed the dietary requirements for their age.

To the rescue.
Yaya suddenly left without giving you proper notice? LaMom to the rescue! I am eternally grateful to my mom for looking after the twins. She is an absolute blessing and it's always comforting to know that the person caring for the twins loves them as much as Joey and I do.

She is the best storyteller.
Audrey and Antonino just love it when LaMom reads them a story with matching voices. LaMom's storytelling ability is unmatched and always has the twins laughing and giggling out loud.

She knows how to have fun.
LaMom always invents the best games that have the twins running around and laughing uncontrollably.

She is their biggest fan.
Audrey and Antonino aren't old enough to know this but I'm sure they will feel very special when they find out that their photos and videos fill LaMom's camera roll, and their artwork (crayon scribbles on paper) hang on her refrigerator door. She's their biggest fan!

Happy Grandparents' Day, LaMom! Thank you for caring, loving, entertaining and spoiling (Hehe). We love you!

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