Diaper Cakes: Pretty and Practical

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When I was on my third trimester, Joey, the twins and I got spoiled with not one, but two baby showers. The first shower was hosted by my friends when I was seven months pregnant. The second shower was hosted by my family one week before I gave birth - just in the nick of time because I gave birth early!

We received lots of traditional and practical gifts like baby clothes in various sizes (super great because baby clothes are quickly outgrown), a first aid kit, a grooming kit, swaddles, towels, bibs, and baby bottles that make it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. We also received these unique and useful gifts: diaper cakes! Yup, not one but two - one for each baby. What made them even more special was that they were made by a good friend who is a mom of two herself. The diaper cakes were both lovely and practical. At first, they were used as decor to spruce up the living room and set the tone for the party. But once we went through the "cake," we discovered that we had enough diapers to last us for about a month! Just goes to show you can count on a mom to be a master of multi-tasking! Even her gifts are able to do two things at once!

Aside from providing a month's supply of diapers, the diaper cake also took the guesswork out of choosing what brand to try on Audrey and Antonino. Our friend used Pampers newborn diapers to make the cake and they fit the twins really well. They were sturdy yet soft and did not irritate the twins' sensitive skin. The wetness indicator was also helpful to new parents like Joey and me. It's really easy to get lost in all the claims made by different diaper brands so it's great whenever a fellow mom makes a recommendation on stuff that works for their babies.

I heard somewhere that the end goal of baby showers is to make life easier for the parents-to-be and I can say our baby showers were able to do that and more. And in case you were wondering, the diaper cakes weren't substitutes for real cakes. We still had real cakes served because what's a party without any sweets, right?

diaper cake fondant cake baby shower twins

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