Toys That Are A Hit For One-Year-Olds

toys one year old

When Audrey and Antonino turned a year old, they were both very eager to walk and raring to talk. They also showed a lot of interest in throwing, toppling, and banging stuff. Then after a few months, they wanted to climb all over everything. When they turned around 1 1/2 years old, they also picked up the habit of copying us - we sneeze, they fake sneeze, we scratch our heads, they do the same! Needless to say, the twins are in a very active phase right now. Oh and let's not forget the times when they would prefer playing with boxes over the toys inside. That is, except for these toys which they absolutely love:

Push walker
fisher price lion push walker

We got Audrey and Antonino the Fisher Price Musical Lion Walker when they were cruising and starting to stand on their own. After a few weeks of using it, they became more stable on their feet and started toddling faster. Aside from helping them reach the much awaited milestone of walking, the toy's music, lights, and other play panels provided the twins with plenty of entertainment. You can read my review of the push walker here.

Shapes puzzle
Hape shapes puzzle

This puzzle from Hape is chunky and perfect for tiny toddler hands that are beginning to learn to fit pieces together. After several weeks of practice, Audrey and Antonino were able to match all the shapes. The images under the pieces also allowed them to get an introduction to matching colors. What's great about this toy is that it also encourages the twins' imagination. Now the puzzle pieces are mostly used as pretend food, and for Audrey, the red circle is her pretend blush.

Stacking cups
stacking cups

At first, the twins used their stacking cups just to make noise by banging them together. Later on, they learned to stack and topple them over. The cups have given them a lot of opportunity for fun and developmental play. Because of this, stacking cups have become one of my favorite gifts to give to one-year-old kids. You really can't go wrong with a set of stacking cups. You can read some of our play ideas for stacking cups here.

Rubber blocks
stacking rubber blocks

The twins have lots of fun playing with their Playgo Stacking Wonder Blocks. They chew, squeeze, stack, and knock them down. I also love them because they're made from soft material (less boo-boos), and are embossed with different designs on each side that have helped familiarize the twins with numbers, shapes and animals.

Kitchenware set
pretend play kitchen set

One of Audrey and Antonino's favorite games is pretend kitchen. Because of this, Joey and I are regularly treated to invisible tea, wooden steak and eggs, and air casserole. They make up sounds while stirring "ingredients" in their toy pots, and pouring "drinks" into their tiny toy cups. The best part is they would always beam with pride whenever we admire their "culinary skills," and try to repeat what we say:

Me: This is delicious!
Audrey: Eeee-shus!

Joey: Mmmm. The steak is awesome
Antonino: Aaaaa-saaaaam!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toys
mickey mouse minnie mouse stuffed toys

As I shared in the twins' 18th month update, they both LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They bring their stuffed toys almost everywhere. They like cuddling and pretending to feed Mickey and Minnie. I love the stuffed toys because they helped comfort the twins during their first plane ride!

Board books
board books toddler

Yup, Audrey and Antonino still love their board books. A couple of favorites are "Numbers Colors Shapes," by Roger Priddy, and "That's Not My Baby," by Fiona Watt. Numbers Colors Shapes contains clear and simple real-life photographs that the twins love to look at. It has also helped them learn new words because they would always repeat after us whenever we go through each word in the book. "That's Not My Baby," is great because it's a touch-and-feel book with different textures that my curious twins love to explore. The different patches on each page (silky, fluffy, etc.) have helped familiarize them with the adjectives the book uses to describe common objects that babies use like a bib and a blanket. You can read my review of "That's Not My Baby" here.

What toys keep your one-year-old kids busy? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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