Christmas Gift List For Babies

Baby's first Christmas is a big deal for parents. Hours are spent shopping for the hottest toy of the season only to find out that babies are more interested in the bright wrapping paper gifts come in. So since Christmas Eve is only one week away and I want you to have a stress-free Christmas, here's a list of 5 traditional toys and the corresponding household items babies prefer*. Yup, that's right, items that are just lying around where you live. So I'm actually saving you money too! Just don't make the mistake of putting them in gift bags or else that's all your baby's going to play with.

Caution: This list is for humor purposes only. It's always advisable to make sure your baby's toys are safe, toxin-free and age-appropriate.

Instead of a toy drum, give baby a used tin can. Baby will surely spend countless hours banging his hands all over his new toy.

Instead of a toy telescope, give baby a used tissue core. It can also be a kaleidoscope or microphone. Just let baby's imagination run wild.

Instead of a taggie / tag toy, give baby a box of tissue. Tissues are soft and easy to pull out again and again and again.

Instead of a rattle, give baby a bottle of vitamins. Just make sure it has a childproof cap. Baby will have endless hours of fun shaking his cool new toy.

Instead of a shape sorter give baby Tupperware in different sizes and make him match the lid with the containers to help develop hand-eye coordination.

Congrats! Now your holiday shopping is done! Hope you and your family have your best Christmas yet!

*Based on a yearlong study of my twins' behavior.

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