2018 New Year's Resolutions I Wish My One-Year-Old Twins Will Make

twin baby new year resolution

Don't you love the clean slate of a brand new year? It makes you want to examine the things you want to do differently and really try to be a better version of yourself. In that spirit, here are five resolutions I wish my one year old twins will make:

1. Stop fighting nap time/bedtime. Mommy and daddy keep saying we will regret all the naps we didn't take when we grow older.

2. Learn to use our teethers instead of chewing on our toys and crib railings.

3. Refrain from throwing our toys on the floor even though it's such a fun game. You should see mommy and daddy rushing to catch whatever object we decide to throw before it hits the floor. Most of the time they're unsuccessful.

4. Make an effort to stay still during diaper changes. Mommy and daddy say nappy changes will be faster if we stay put.

5. Stop screaming bloody murder when mommy/daddy (or anybody else) tries to sit down while carrying us.

What should your baby's New Year's resolutions be?

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