Moms Are Secretly Snow White

Snow White? As in a princess? Why yes... sometimes. It's not always about balls and parades for Snow White. Even princesses get stuck with mundane chores too. Don't believe me? Have a look below.

Washing dishes
snow white wash dishes
Like Snow White, moms also get stuck with piles of dishes in the form of feeding bottles and sippy cups. Of course, moms even go the extra mile by sterilizing everything.

Scrubbing floors
snow white scrub floors
Or for moms, baby's play mat and all other toys and random items baby licks/chews on.

snow white baking pie
For Snow White, it's apple pie. For moms with babies starting solids, it's apple puree.

Dealing with different moods
snow white dwarfs
One minute your baby's happy, the next he's grumpy for no apparent reason. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Doing laundry
snow white laundry
Bibs, onesies, tiny socks, burp cloths and more burp cloths. You can't escape them! They're always there.

Now if only I could find the strength to whistle while I work.

All screen caps are from Disney Screencaps.

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